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Oct 30, 2013 5:00am EDT
is going to be -- president obama is going to be in massachusetts today, the model for health care. his human health secretary is asked to resign. does it look like the president will continue to back her? >> reporter: that's the image we have gotten so far. the massachusetts law was the blueprint for the affordable care act and the president is asking people to have patience with the new law. that's because with the massachusetts law, there was low enrollment in the first month in massachusetts. only about 123 people signed up. it was only until when the penalties kicked in that about 36,000 people sign up. as with, the administration is not saying how many people have enrolled so far. what we do know is just about 700,000 people have filled out applications. yesterday we learned from the medical care chief on the hill that they should get the enrollment numbers by mid november but there are lots of questions remaining and there's growing frustration among lawmakers who are still doing a lot of finger pointing at each other about the affordable care act. >> we've go
Oct 29, 2013 5:00am EDT
with the obama website. the obama administration will now allow individuals extra time to sign up for insurance plans. ko im is live with the story. what's the deadline now. >> reporter: good morning. the deadline is now march 31 but with that extra time comes some extra questions and there are calls to extend that deadline. now that's been done, there are some concerns about some new penalties that may be associated with the extension. you see, insurance coverage usually starts at the beginning of the month so if by the original deadline you had signed up by march 15, then you would not get coverage till april 1 which would mean that you would be breaking the law. so now you have some extra time, an extra six weeks. when you file your taxes for next year, you don't need to fill out a waiver. a guidance was released last night saying you don't need to claim that exemption. the health and human services saying, quote,, the administration has determined it would be unfair to require individuals to make penalty payments. the penalty would be starting at $95 per person just in 2014. n
Oct 31, 2013 5:00am EDT
characters to encourage kids to eat healthier. first lady michele obama recently urged food companies and television broadcasters to do more to promote healthier foods to children. >>> when you turn your clocks back this weekend, you might have to turn up the heat. >> oh, really? how wrpdz has details on our -- howard has details on our looming cooldown next in the >>> 5:14. now 5:15. we're on a roller coaster when it comes to weather. temperatures down, temperatures up, temperatures down. >> that's fall for you. >> i like the crisp weather now. >> we'll get a little bit of that and go right back up for the first part of november. looks like the first half of november will be relatively mild. >> on the warm side? >> yes. second half of november the jury is still out but the first half looks to be relatively mild. let's talk about today, though. it's halloween. looking good. looking warm. got temperatures expected in the 70s this afternoon. average high now down to 64. here's your day planner. we start out with clouds, isolated shower north and west. lots of clouds today, sunny break or tw
Nov 4, 2013 5:00am EST
candidates are using president obama to garner support. mcauliff campaigned with the president sunday, reminding voters of the 16-day government shutdown. obama blaming quote extremists in the republican party for the shutdown. election watchers say this tight race comes down to turnout. >> you can bring this home, you can make this happen, but you have got to make sure that everybody goes out on tuesday. >> we have a chance to elect someone as governor. >> giving women access to healthcare and possibly same sex marriage i think is a very exciting time for virginia. >> i'm at george mace son, so i definitely support everything they are talking about in terms of education. >> we must make sure that women have access to the quality healthcare. >> the women's issues they are lying about are not on ken's agenda and in fact, he has very little control over them. >> that was just one of a dozen or so supporters who were protesting outside of mcauliff's rally on sunday. that was at lee high school. hear more from the republicans and their candidates coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea, back to y
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4